Detect all JavaScript errors on your websites

effortless - without impact on your site

Interface de suivi en temps réel


  • Recording all the errors of your visitors
  • Real-time tracking and reporting
  • A simple JS tag to integrate
  • No call to an external .js file
  • No impact on performance
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All the advantages

Save any JavaScript errors your users encountered

Turn every user into a tester of your site.

Get a detailed report of each error for ease of correction

All detected JavaScript errors are recorded with the maximum of detail.

Get rid of your site's operating errors

Improve the user experience and the quality of your source code by removing all errors as soon as they appear.

Optimize your SEO by guaranteeing a clean code without error

Improve your SEO by preventing bots from detecting JavaScript errors.

Follow the JavaScript health status of your site in real time

Be alerted immediately if an update to your site triggers a new wave of errors.

No negative impact on the performance of your site

The JavaScript tag is only activated if an error is detected while browsing one of your users.


The solution does not use any cookie. No calls to the service are made on a page without JavaScript error. The IP address of the user is not stored.

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Find all anwsers

JS errors have several detrimental impacts:
  • Risk of malfunctions when browsing users
  • Bad reputation of code and site with search engines

Visitors to your site naturally consult your entire site, with a variety of devices and completely unpredictable pathways. By detecting and recording errors encountered by your visitors, you benefit from permanent, deep and free tests.

In addition, error detection has no impact on site performance and browsing comfort.

The JavaScript code to copy paste on your site does not use any external script. It will only fire if an error is detected to save it in your client area. The service does not slow down navigation or loading time and has no impact on your SEO.

In addition, no navigation, traffic or audience information is sent to the service. Only errors are recorded.

Your site may not display JavaScript at first glance. But it is unlikely that any error is present in the deepest part of its structure.

The free trial period allows you to check if your site is really free of JS error. If so, well done and it will not cost you anything!

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